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Can I get UTV, BBC, ITV, & Channel 4 on Saorview

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UHF Digital Aerial

UHF Aerial

Can I get  BBC’s, ITV’s,  & Channel 4’s on Saorview
Q. Jack?.

Can I get UTV, BBC’s, ITV’s & Channel 4’s on Saorview? If not, what channels can I get?


Hi Jack,

No you can’t get any of the UK Free to Air channels on Saorview.  Saorview is a only domestic Irish TV and Radio channels.

The channels  available on Saorview are the following: RTE One, RTE Two HD, VM1, TG4, RTE News Now, VM2, RTEjr, RTE One + 1

The following radio services will also be available on Saorview: RTE Radio 1, RTE 2fm, RTE lyric fm, RTE Raidio na Gaeltachta, RTE Choice, RTE Pulse, RTE 2XM, RTE Gold, RTE Chill, RTEJnr and Radio 1 Extra.

So if you were to purchase either a Saorview Digi Box or a Saorview Approved TV, the above channels above are what you will get. You will also need  a UHF TV Aerial and some cabling to run to the set top box or TV. You could chance an indoor aerial (Rabbits ears) but they are iffy, but  you may get lucky and find yourself in a very good Saorview signal area. All TV’s now have a Saorview Tuner & some also have a Free to Air tuner built in. ( Check with your TV supplier)

Satellite Mini Dish

Free to Air

If you wanted to get both the Saorview channels and the free UK channels on one box, then you may need Combo Receiver & a Satellite  Dish.

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