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Recording Combo Box

Alternative to Virgin Media|Best Value Recording Box Installed 0868479848
Saorview/FreeviewHD+|Best Deal|
Saorview/FreeviewHD + Record one Watch Another etc & byebye–tv-bills |
Call John Direct 0868479848
or Geraldine 0876236220 Digital World Free TV
Best Value|Saorview|Satellite|Freeview TV Installs & Repairs|byebye tv bills|

Has your sky/ Virgin Media Bill Increased again? Try SAORVIEW/FREEVIEW Solutions Take Control Go Saorview|Freeview Free TV Solutions. saorview and satellite tv. ByeBye TV Bills & Get Best Value TV. byebye-tv-bills dish-aerial-1

We are Proud Members of the National Guild of Master Craftsman

Virgin Media Other Option With No TV Bill

New Triple Tuner Combo Box Now Available Return To HOME PAGE

1) With 7 day Electronic Program Guide national-guild-logo-02(EPG)

2) With built in 360G Hard-Drive (same as the original sky box)

3) No need to set times (Similar to sky / Virgin pick the program and press the button)

4) Record one Satellite Program & watch another

5) Record a Saorview & watch Satellite program

6) Record one Satellite Program & watch another

7) All your Favorite Irish \UK & other over 100 channels.

This box is a bit more expensive than the standard Combi

But when you consider the extras and time saving convinces sab-reverse

EPG : 7 Day Program sab-remoteGuide ( not on the standard Combi)

Built in Hard-Drive (not in the standard Combi)

Record one & Watch Another: (Limited option with standard Combi)

(How good is that).


Call John Direct 0868479848
or Geraldine 0876236220 Digital World Free Saorview and Satellite Freeview FreeTV


  Wexford Call  0868479848 for Best Value Saorview/Satellite TV, CCTV & Broadband  Installs Est 1999. The Qualified Profrssionals

Approved Rural broadband Installers

Rural Broadband Installers

We provide all types of  Satellite Dish and Saorview Aerial, CCTV & Broadband

Installations both for the Domestic & Commercial Market Including Hotels, B&B’s etc..

We are Approved Members of the National Guild of Master Craftsman.

Phone us now we have Saorview, Broadband & CCTV Installers ready to help in your area. 0868479848||0876236220


Check out our online offers.

Wexford||Call John Direct 0868479848||

Qualified Master Installers

Approved Master Installers

  • Missing Channels-Getting Irish but not UK Satellite Channels for Wexford
  • Have water in the cable Wexford
  • The picture is Freezing.- Sky Dish Problems- Satellite Dish Repair
  • Picture is Braking up like a Jigsaw
  • No Satellite Signal
  •  Digital Aerial Repair Wexford,
  • Best Value-Saorview-Free to Air-Freesat-Freeview-Free TV.
  • Why Pay for Digital HD TV when you can it for FREE.

UK Free Channels

Satellite Dish Installers

Saorview Channels

Saorview Channels Installers

 Mission Statement: If a job is worth Doing. It’s worth doing well.

(We Install all Systems with care & attention to detail in Wexford)

  • Saorview Aerial|Satellite Dish installation & Repairs

    Check Free Channel List you may be pleasantly surprised with the choice of Channels above.

Why pay for TV when you can have it For Free???

Need a Satellite Dish Realigned

Call John Direst 0868479848

Licensed Professional CCTV Installers

Licensed CCTV Installers

Saorview Combo Box

Saorview Satellite Combo Box


  Fully Insured and Guaranteed (including Chimneys)

.Best Value |Saorview|Combo|Installation|Repairs|

Sky TV Service|Repairs|Best Value|Satellite Repairs|Sky Dish Repair|Saorview Digital HD Aerials|  Free TV 



BEST VALUE|Wexford: Call John Direct 0868479848 or Geraldine 0876236220 for Saorview|Freesat TV, CCTV & Rural Broadband Installers.

  • Please Remember that Best Value is not always the cheapest but usually works out the cheapest in the end.

    Freesat TV Channels

    Freesat TV Channels

  • Know your rights, visit the  CCPC  website
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Saorview Skerries

Best Value||Saorview-Box Combo|Satellite-Dish | Aerials|Sky Repairs | Fixed Broadband Installers|Free to Air-Digital-HD-TV|Saorview Connect Installers| Goodbye TV Bills||Sky Repairs||Skrrries

We are dedicated  providers of Saorview, free to air, Freesat and other services in Ireland. Free to air television offers all your favourite Irish, UK  & Other TV Channels, including some HD, with no monthly subscription, No Contracts No Surprises.Saorview Connect Installers| Goodbye TV Bills| Saorview Box

Call us now we have Saorview & Broadband Installers ready to help in your area. 0868479848||0876236220 |

This Week’s Special: Saorview|Free2air Combo RRP €299-now-€250 save €49 supplied & fitted.

Skerries||Call John Direct 0868479848||

Ourvices include:pairs ser  Saorview Connect Installs & Sky Re

  • Installation of Saorview,
  • Saorview Connect Installers Skerries
  • Saorview Repairs,
  • High Gain Aerials,
  • Arieal Repairs,
  • Digital TV Installers Skerries,
  • Sky TV Repairs,
  • Satellite dish repairs,
  • Foreign satellite systems,
  • Channels: RTE1 | RTE2 HD | TV3 | TG4 |RTE Jn| 3e | RTE NEWS NOW | RTE+1|UK FTA| RADIO Channel
  • No more monthly Bills
  • We also provide a Saorvew Approved free to air systems 
  •  Fixed Rural Broadband
  • IPTV All Channels TV Skerriew, 
  • Other Information
  • Our experienced Saorview & Satellite install advisers are waiting to take your call now ||0868479847 || 0876236220||FREE QUOTATIONS||
  • We are Proud Members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen
  • |


“Best Value|Saorview Aerial Satellite Dish TV Installers Skerries Co Dublin.

Skerries: Call John Direct 0868479848 Geraldine 0876236220″

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