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Mobile Phone Signal Booster (Repeater)Supplied and Fitted Call Direct 086.8479848

Get the full benefit of your mobile in difficult  buildings.

You Can Pay a €1,000+ for  a Mobile Phone and not receive signal in the comfort of your Own Home,

Home Office or Company Office.

No matter how much you pay for a mobile phone its not much good if you can’t get a signal indoors?.

Because your house is external insulated has thick stone walls etc. you have to go outside to take a call or go to the window and catch half the conversation. Not good ?.

In today’s working from Home Environment  Good Mobile Phone Signal is Essential

We have the solution to boost your voice and internet signal. Solution Fit an external antenna and feed the external signal to an internal signal booster. Now you can use your € 1,000 + smart phone in comfort.

Call Now 0868479848. We are here to help.

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Difference Between a Signal Booster and a Signal Repeater
Are Signal Boosters or Repeaters Legal in Ireland?

Mobile Phone Signal and Data Booster

(Repeater) Supplied and Fitted Call Direct 086.8479848.