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Erection of a Satellite Dish on Residential Property
The erection of a satellite dish on a house is classed as exempted development (i.e. does
not require planning permission), subject to the following conditions:
 Only one dish may be erected on or within the curtilage of the house (i.e. the area
of land attached to the house) without planning permission.
 The diameter of the dish shall not exceed 1 metre.
 The dish may not be erected on the front of the house or forward of the house (see
 The dish may not be erected on the front roof slope of the house or higher than the
highest part of the roof of the house (see diagram).
 Planning permission is required for erection of a satellite dish associated with an
 Planning permission is not usually required for the erection of a satellite dish
associated with a Protected Structure or proposed Protected Structure as long as
the guidelines above are followed. A satellite dish on a Protected Structure is
appropriately located in the least prominent exempted location. Physical damage
to the Protected Structure should be avoided, e.g. mechanical fixing to cut stone.
If you require clarification in this matter, please contact the Conservation Section
at 021 4924086.
Satellite dishes that that do not meet the criteria specified above are considered
“unauthorised”; enforcement action can be taken against both the owner /occupier of the
dwelling on which an unauthorised satellite dish is located. Enforcement action can also
be taken against any person (e.g. installer) carrying out the unauthorised installation.
Any person served with an enforcement notice is liable to refund Cork City Council the
full costs associated with investigating, enforcing and rectifying the breach of the
planning code. Furthermore, failure to comply with an Enforcement Notice can result in
substantial fines and criminal prosecution.
If you have inadvertently breached the planning code, please re-locate your satellite dish
to an exempted location as illustrated in the diagram. If you require further clarification,
please contact the Planning Enforcement Division of Cork City Council’s Planning &
Development Directorate at 021 492 4723.

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Saorview is Ireland’s free digital TV service with all your favourite channels from RTE, TV3 and TG4. Whatever type of TV programme you like, Saorview has lots of it from soaps, drama, sport, travel, chat, documentaries, reality, and much more. Saorview can also be combined with the best free TV from the UK with over a 100 channels including BBC, ITV, CH4 and many more. This will give your your favourite TV channels for free with no monthly payment.

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Six Nations get off to a good start on Saorview TV

Why pay for tv when you can have it for free?

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  • Dog chewed Cable
  • Have water in the cable
  • The picture is Freezing.- Sky Dish Problems- Satellite Dish Repair
  • Picture is Braking up like a Jigsaw
  • Want Electronic TVGuide (EPG) on  Irish and UK channels
  • Connections coming loose
  • No Satellite Signal
  • Signal- Digital Aerial Repair.
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Sky have increased their Monthly charges & VM. have also announced their increases. Go for Free TV with a Saorview Box Combo installation.

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Why Pay for TV?

When you can have it Free.

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The request to householders comes a year after RTÉ’s analogue signal was switched off and replaced by free digital terrestrial television service Saorview

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It’s all part of the change-over to high-definition viewing, and the deadline is now looming for people to re-scan their equipment by following instructions.

“An estimated 80pc have re-scanned, and between 15 to 20pc have not at this point.”

Last December, RTE launched in high definition. If Saorview customers don’t re-scan – which effectively means ‘re-tune’ their TV – they will lose RTE One after Wednesday.

Viewers have to re-scan their Saorview television or set-top box to receive technical upgrades – the boxes are the devices that connect to televisions, which allow people to receive content.

People can update their system by following a series of steps using their Saorview remove control. Pressing the “menu” button is the first step for all models.

“We want everybody to re-scan, and once they have done it, they will actually move over from RTE One standard definition, which is the old signal, which is going to go, to the high-definition signal, which is currently being broadcast,” Mr Higgins said.

“We have given people a lot of time to do this,” he said. People have been re-scanning their sets over the last number of months.

“But now, at this stage, we have to switch off the standard-definition transmission, and we want the remainder of those who haven’t re-scanned to move over to RTE One high definition. They are getting a better quality signal, they are getting a better quality service,” said Mr Higgins.



Saorview says it will be clear to its customers whether a re-scan is required by viewing channels seven or eight and checking the “now and next” information on the bottom of the screen.

Last week, viewers who need to re-scan will have seen a message come up on their RTE One screen, and are advised to follow the instructions on screen.

Saorview customers who can see RTE One with the HD logo on the top right of their screens have successfully completed the re-scan and will not need to take any further action. Also, viewers who re-scanned in October are not required to do this process again.

Choosing this otpion allows you tap into some great online features

  • 7 Day EPG Guide on Satellite as well as Saorview channels
  • Automatic channel updating if there is a new frequency changes
  • Ability to add Series link option
  • Ability to add additional features as free plugins become available
  • Display channel logo next to channel e.g. BBC, ITV, C4 Logos etc
  • Possible to automatically group and list channels e.g. By movies, news, kids

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