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To get Best Value Call 0868479848. As installers of  Saorview /Satellite TV & Rural Broadband we undertake to provide a professional service for Home & Business alike. Supplying top quality service & equipment. Free to Air television offers all your favourite Irish, UK TV Channels, therefore no monthly subscription. Our Qualified Installers are also provide other  Free TV  services for Business such as Hotels, B&B’s, Waiting Rooms etc.

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Dublin||Call John Direct 0868479848|| Saorview Master Installers of  Saorview Est. 1999

Saorview Master Installers

Master Installers

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High Gain Aerial

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    What is Saorview?

    • Our experienced Qualified Saorview & Satellite installers are willing to help in your area.
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    • Freesat TV Channels Installers

      Freesat TV Installers

    Saorview TV Installers

    Saorview Installers


  • Please Remember that Best Value is not always the cheapest but usually works out the cheapest in the end.

    Freesat TV Channels

    Freesat TV Channels

    • Saorview is Ireland’s Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) service. It’s a  Digital TV signal that has  replace the old analogue TV service  through a TV Aerial (roof top is recommended. In Ireland, this will be known as Saorview. It will still be received through a TV Aerial (UHF type) but the pictures will be much clearer and eventually all channels will be broadcast in HD. What does Saorview mean? Saor is Irish for free. Put it together and you get Free View or View for Free. Not to be confused with Freeview with is the UK version of Saorview.
    • Basically Saorview is a Free Digital TV service for Ireland, once off payment for the Saorview box or saorview TV and no subscriptions apply.
    • So I don’t need a Satellite Dish to get Saorview? That is correct. You just need an aerial and a Saorview Box or Saorview TV. ( Irish Channels Only) but you still need a TV licence
  • Know your rights, visit the  CCPC website

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