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Satellite / Saorview TV Installations /Rathmines and Rathgar Dublin

Saorview Aerial and Satellite Dish Free to Air digital HD TV Installers Rathmines/Rathgar.

Ph: 0868479848: For Your local Qualified Professional Installers.

Saorview and Satellite Digital HD Combo Box Installers

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Indoor Mobile signal Boosters

Saorview/ Freesat Explained.

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Because Your Entire Family Could Enjoy

FREE Saorview and Satellite TV

More Than 140 Top Free Channels

Includes Radio Stations, Shopping, Religion, International and Lifestyle Channels.

Main TV Alpha Combo Plus Record and Watch.

Main TV Alpha Combo Plus Record and Watch.


Multi Room Saorview and Satellite Combo Installers

Multi Room Saorview and Satellite Combo Installers





Have you noticed how television viewing has changed.

Some clever people are witching the Free Irish and Top UK TV and streaming from Netflix and other sources. A much better option. Don’t think?.


Think beyond better?.

Chrystal Clear Picture and better quality sound for FREE.

Why pay for TV when you can have it for Free?.


Phone 0868479848. TV & Satellite Services are here to provide you with  the best solution for all your residential & commercial TV needs and Broadband. With years  years  of experience behind us est. 1999. We have a strong reputation for supplying of top quality service and equipment at competitive prices. Not only that we also supply essential support including helpful advice, and prompt and efficient backup

|Call 0876236220 for your local Professional Installers for Free to Air TV|

Digital HD TV Installers

Digital HD TV Installers

Rathmines / Rathgar Services:|Call John Direct 0868479848||

Mission Statement: 

If a job is worth Doing. It’s worth doing well.

Saorview Digital TV Installers

Saorview Digital TV Stations


Have you bought a New Saorview/Freeview HD TV?
Let us give you a free quote to fit a Dish & Aerial.
It costs less than you think


Satellite Digital TV Installers

Satellite Dish Installers


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Have a Saorview Digital Aerial Fitted 

Don’t wear out your fingers pressing buttons!

Phone John Direct 0868479848.

How good is that?

                                                                                      We are here to help always.

Saorview, Satellite, Repairs, Installs, Re-alignments and Maintenance Satellite Repairs, Saorview Repairs,



Free Digital TV Installers

Free Digital TV For

The Best Value Saorview Combo Box Installers Rathmines Call John Direct 086 847 9 848 or Geraldine 0876236220

TV & Satellite Services    Reg. 438151

Saorview|Freeview Combo Box Installers Rarhmines Dublin. No more TV bills.

Please do Remember that Best Value is not always the cheapest but usually works out the cheapest in the end.

Freesat TV Channels

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