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Satellite TV and Broadband Naul


 Lusk Broadband and TV Services .

How watching Television  has changed now people are switching to Irish and UK Free TV channels and using Netflix and other sources to stream movies etc. A Better Value option it seems.

Think beyond better.  ( Our Reviews)

Saorview UHF Aerial Installers

Saorview UHF Aerial

Call 0868479848. TV & Satellite Services  to get a Qualified Approved Professionals Installer of  Saorview, Free to Air, Freesat.  Free TV Channels  and Broadband for Home & Business. Our goal is to provide high quality products & services for our customer.

Call us now our Qualified Installers ready to help in your area. 0868479848||0876236220.

                      We Install all Systems with care & attention to detail.

Satellite Dish Installations

Free to Air TV


Service calls: Our aim is same day response. Within reason.

Mission Statement: 

If a job is worth Doing. It’s  worth doing well.

 Saorview|Satellite|Freeview|Free TV Installs & Repairs.

 Lusk: Call John Direct 0868479848 

  • Missing Channels-Getting Irish but not UK Satellite Channels

  • Dog chewed Cable

  • Have water in the cable

  • The picture is Freezing.- Satellite Dish Repair

  • Picture is Braking up like a Jigsaw

  • Want Full 7 Day TV Guide on  Irish and UK channels

  • No Signal Dish &  Aerial Repair.

  • Goodbye TV Bill. 

  • Best Value Saorview, Free to Air, Freesat, Free TV.

  • Why Pay for Digital TV when you can it for FREE.

  • Freesat Free TV Channels

    Freesat Free Channels TV & Satellite Service

Saorview Aerial

Saorview Free Channels

Is your VM Bill Due
Beat the Sky/VM Price Increase
Call John Direct 0868479848
Don’t Delay Call To-day

Saorview/Free to Air TV (Saving You Money Every Month)
Why pay for TV when you can have it For Free?

Satellite and Saorview Combo Box Service Installers

Satellite TV and Broadband

Don’t wear out your fingers pressing buttons!

Phone John Direct 0868479848.

How good is that?

We are here to help always.

|Saorview|Free to Air TV Combo Box & Broadband Installers

|Saorview Free to Air  Combo Box & Broadband Installers

Combo Box

Covering: Dublin City, North County Dublin & East Meath, Howth. Malahide. Portmarnock, Balbriggan, Skerries, Rush, Lusk,

Fully Insured and Guaranteed (including Chimneys)

Digital TV in Dublin,

TV & Satellite Services

  • Please Remember that Best Value is not always the cheapest but usually works out the cheapest in the end.

    Freesat TV Channels

    Freesat TV Channels

  • Know your rights, visit the  CCPC website

Satellite and Saorview Combo Box Service Installers Covering all Dublin

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