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Saorview & Satellite TV Kilkenny, Broadband & CCTV Installers.

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Saorview Aerial & Satellite Dish

Saorview Aerial & Satellite Dish

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Our services include: Sky Repairs in Kilkenny

Approved Installers

Approved Installers Kilkenny

  • Satellite/Saorview Kilkenny
  • Satellite Dish Installations & Repairs
  • Aerial Repairs Kilkenny,
  • Digital TV Installers Kilkenny,
  • Sky TV Repairs,
  • Foreign satellite systems,
  • Channels:Freesat| RADIO Channel
    Approved CCTV Installers

    Licensed CCTV Installers Kilkenny

  •  Fixed Rural Broadband
  • FREE QUOTAION /Kilkenny, 
  • We are approved Members of the National Guild of Master Craftsmen in Kilkenny, 

    Satellite Freesat Channel Installers

    Satellite Freesat Channels.




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  • Call 0868479848. TV & Satellite Services are here to provide you with  the best solution for all your residential & commercial TV needs & also CCTV & Broadband and our TV service  will give you years of enjoyment viewing Saorview, free to air, Freesat Free TV. With year’s  of experience behind us est. 1999. We have a strong reputation for providing of top quality service and equipment at competitive prices. Not only that we also supply essential support including helpful advice, and prompt and efficient service
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