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Helium Hotspot Antenna Ireland.

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Non-standard Install priced after viewing.

Non-standard Install priced after viewing.

Hotspot Antenna Installers Ireland

Hotspot Antenna Installers Ireland.

Helium Hotspot Antenna in Ireland.

Standard Hotspot Antenna in Ireland.

How Can I get My Hotspot Antenna Installed?

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Mining. A New and more benifisial way to Mine Crypto Currency. Call Helium Hotspot Antenna Installers in Ireland,  0868479848 Direct.

And Your Helium Hotspot Antenna are more effective when installed at a Hight. Because this offers more opportunities to ping off other installations in your Area and Beyond.

Because that gives you better value for your investment.

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The most popular of those Crypto Currency’s is Helium.

Powered by the Helium Blockchain the People’s Network represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure.We install those Antenna on chimneys and other high points where there is not a chimneys as with most modern dwellings.

Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using Helium LongFi, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this. And because of an innovative proof-of-work model (we call it “Proof-of-Coverage”), your Hotspot only uses 5W of energy.



Hotspot Antenna Installers Ireland

Helium Hotspot Antenna in Ireland.

Our local Installers are Trained to the Highest Standard and are Available in Dublin, Cork, Meath, Louth, Kildare, Westmeath, Longford, Laois. Offaly, Carlow, Kilkenny, Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford. With Plans to Expand as the Need Arises. Helium Hotspot Antenna

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Hotspot Antenna Installers Ireland