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What is Saorview TV/ Free to Air/ Freesat Free TV Services?

What is Saorview TV?. Call 0868479848. We are here to listen and advise.

Saorview and Freesat TV Stations

Saorview and Freesat TV Stations

What is Saorview TV? Saorview is Ireland’s free digital television service. Launched October 29, 2010.

Giving free access to all Irish terrestrial tv channels including some in High Definition. Giving you the confidence of crystal clear pictures and high quality sound.

Saorview gives access to all the usual channels including News Now and Children’s entertainment. Saorview also includes Radio Stations such as RTE and News Now + Virgin Media many others on your Television.

To Receive Saorview you will need a Saorview Ready Television and an aerial. If your Television is over 10 years old then you will need a decoder.

Free to Air or Freesat TV.

Rear Mounted Dish on a bracket

Rear Mounted Dish on a bracket

Free to Air or Freesat TV. Is the UK’s free digital television service offering over 160 TV Station’s. Stations that include BBC’s, ITV’s, C4’s. Lots of news channels such an Sky News, CNN, Bloomberg’s, Euro News, also Some International channels like RTV (Russian), Aljazeera (Middle Eastern), CCTV (Chinees), French. Some Old Movies, Crime, Drams, Kids, Entertainment, Shopping etc. Not forgetting a wide range of Radio Stations including BBC Radio.

To receive Free to Air / Freesat you will need a Satellite Dish and a Decoder. Although some TV’s on sale now have the 2 tuners built in. Irish and UK, but not all so check before you buy.

Where does the Satellite Dish go on your house.

We will place the dish facing due east. If your premises is facing in that direction. We prefer not to put it on the front. So we will suggest it goes on the chimney on a bracket that lifts the dish over the eve of  your house. As front facing can take the look of the front. However that will cost a bit more. But can be worth the bit of extra expense. However the choice is yours at the end of the day. Other options are the back or side depending on which direction your house is facing.

I hope this is helpful.

What is Saorview TV.

Digital HD TV by TV & Satellite Services.

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Have your Television viewing habits changed?.

Smart people are now watching Irish & UK TV for Free and Streaming Movies, Box Sets, Doc’s. etc from Netflix and other sources?A much better value option. Smart don’t you think?.

Who’s a Clever TV Watcher Then? 

If you need further information please give us a call on 0868479848.

We are here to help and advise.

There are many more channels available including Asian and African that can be tuned in if required.

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What is Saorview TV?

What is Saorview TV?

What is Saorview TV/ Free to Air/ Freesat Television


Saorview and Free to Air Installed in Naas

Saorview and Free to Air Installed in Naas